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It is becoming increasingly popular to rent a property these day, especially with mortgages harder to come by. There are many advantages to renting a house rather than owning, especially if you need to move regularly due to work commitments or studies.

Another big advantage is that as a tenant you are not normally responsible for the maintenance of the property so any unexpected bills for repairs are the responsibility of the landlord.

There are a number of things you'll need to get sorted before renting, including references - from your employer and previous landlords if necessary.

You'll need money for a reservation or holding deposit fee on your property of choice, together with bank details and documents proving your identification - passport, driving licence etc.

It's often easier to budget for a rented property as you will know what bills to expect so ensure you get information on council tax, communal cleaning charges, if applicable, and expected charges for utilities, gas, electricity etc. from your landlord to help with budgeting.

If you're renting a furnished property you won't have the expense of buying furniture to use, but check the inventory of the property when you move in to ensure all items listed are included.

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