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Things to check when Renting a House or Flat

Even if you're only looking for a short term property to rent there are a number of considerations to ensure your stay is comfortable, and this becomes even more important if you are renting long term.

Is the house or flat properly maintained, and not just the interior. Look for damage to walls, roof, windows and gutters. Small problems now may become harder to get fixed once you are a tenant.

Are there sufficient sources of heat in the property. Maybe not as important when you decide to rent on a summers day but crucial in the winter when you suddenly realise the radiators don't work properly, or it's poorly insulated and your utility bills are huge.

If it's a furnished or partly furnished property, then make sure you have a copy of the inventory to ensure all items listed are there when you move in. You don't want to a nasty shock when you move out and find that you signed for a flatscreen television that never existed.

Is smoking allowed in the property and are pets allowed.

Check to make sure that all taps, baths, showers and the toilet work properly. Also ensure there are enough electric sockets around the house for your needs.

Does the property feel secure. Is it in a run down area, and are the locks fitted securely. Also check access from alleys and other gardens.

Is there communal access, especially in flats, and who is responsible for their upkeep and cleaning. Is there a shared garden, shared rubbish collection area, shared parking etc.

Is the property close to local amenities, shops  and transport links that you might need.

Ask other tenants and neighbours if possible what the area is like. They may even be managed by the same landlord and if so you can ask them for their views on that too.

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